Sunday, September 2, 2007

Badger, badger, badger

The Highland Badger repairs are completed. I still have some more BunRab figures to paint, but I will have to buy some more badgers to fill out the army, since the Badger riding birds have an unfortunate tendency to break off at the ankles. I have enough footless birds to make a couple more stands of riders, but it would take a lot of repair.

Here is a photo of the BunRabs, and Horus investigates the armies.


Ab_Normal said...

I've got some birdies (purchased pre-kid). When's your birthday? ;D

kimalanus said...


Steve Jackson Games still has them the figures available. I just ordered a stand of lancers, 2 stands of pikemen, 2 stands of lochaber axes (sort of a halberd), and 2 stands of bowmen....

If Shakespeare's recorded birth date is actually his christening date (probably) and they hustled him into the church (also probable) then his actual date of being born is the same as mine.... Well, not the year. Really. ;op


Ab_Normal said...

:D I'll discuss with Mr E; I bought those badgers a LONG time ago, and the majority of them are unpainted. Might as well give them to someone who will actually USE them.