Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fighting lies (no they are not 'spin') with truth

Enforcement of the EU antitrust ruling will not 'stifle innovation'. It will free it from the death grip of an 800 lb. gorilla who has gotten lazy. It might even motivate the 800 lb gorilla to actually make its stuff work better.

Make no mistake, Microsoft is lying and the lies are all over the place in the media and being accepted and repeated as news. I recommend reading the full article, link is below.

"Despite what Microsoft and its partners would have you believe, monopoly abuse is not good for you. It only benefits the monopolist at the expense of competition, innovation and society at large. Antitrust law was created to address this issue and to protect the interests of society.

If a monopolist tells me that antitrust law harms innovation, I have to clearly state that I am not convinced.

Neither should you be."

George Greve, President, Free Software Foundation, Europe (FSFE)

Full article


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