Sunday, September 9, 2007


Northwest Historical Miniatures Gaming Society is a sponsor of Tactical Solutions Gaming Con. I expect they will make room for most anything as they are a fledgling con. If anyone is interested in attending or sponsoring an event, there is a contact page here. Another thing you could do to support the con is sprinkle links anywhere you can, 'cause a google search on "tactical solutions" gets you a bunch of arms dealers on page one and no sign of the con. If you notice a link in my labels for a while, that's why....


Update: Linkiness has The Miniatures Page's announcement and link to the con's page up to the last entry on the first page of google returns for Tactical Solutions. Still no sign of the con page itself. If any of you have a page, stick a link on it, and pass the link around in your e-mail until Google notices....


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