Friday, September 14, 2007


The Bush administration keeps pushing the delusion that the occupation of Iraq is comparable to the occupation of Korea... or even more far-fetched, Japan or Germany. A moment of common sense demolishes any such comparison.

"We garrisoned troops in these three countries for half a century, as we did in Saudi Arabia for about a decade. The periods of military government in Japan and Germany were relatively brief. And most importantly we never mounted counter-insurgency operations in any of these countries." Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo (my bold)

The VietNam analogy works much better, both as a picture of a lost counter-insurgency and what will happen in the end. In the end, we will have to withdraw, because no government that we support can survive, because we support it. 57% of Iraqis think it is a good thing to attack US Troops. 93% of our new allies (according to Petraeus), the Sunnis think so.


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