Sunday, September 9, 2007

Eighth Day a Success

Success #1: The event participation was a near break-even (even though a first time event and expensive). If you add in the dozen or so Pre-registrations for RadCon 5, cash flow was positive, though they don't really apply to the event. The video room was mind boggling: Console games with lounge chairs and 12 foot projection screens; a dozen pc's with 24" widescreen monitors and the graphics cards, ram and speed to play whatever, and all the games you could want.... None of the pictures I took show it off, since the room was darkened for a reason, but WOW!. Bryan and Phil said they almost got sucked into watching a game of Madden Football 'cause it looked like a live game....

Success #2: Andrew got interested in gaming with me and was quite successful in being a fun little gamer. I especially enjoyed his inspiration to field his dragonfly, Sparky, which he made himself as a dragon in a battle with Bryan (it required a bit of tolerance from Bryan and some improvisation on fielding an unmounted figure). Then in the big battle HOTT, Andrew spotted Phil's barker marker with the unbroken column and set it up on that and wanted to field him as an aerial hero. A bit of tape and voila! (See BigBattleHOTT, below)

Now I have to build him his own army, built around Sparky.... ;op

Failure #1: Never put the river directly in front of the stronghold when the attacker has an aerial hero. One of you will lose on a straight 6 v 6 combat, but the stronghold surrenders and there is nothing you can do to support it....

Success #3: The big battle HOTT was a boatload of fun and came down to who could get the last kill first. A very near run thing.... Undead and Goblin Hordes vs. Dwarves and Elves. Note Sparky, the Elvish Aerial Hero in front of Andrew (in the orange shirt)... ;o)

Success #4: We had a lot of fun with the horde armies and Bryan worked out a tactic whereby he was able to suck in 2 heros and 2 riders and envelop them with a dozen hordes. They are such crunchy little bits, you figure just stick it in with an overlap and they'll die. And they do, and they fall back past the newly arriving hordes who flank you and get in your rear (and drop in a lurker for grins) and then you die.... It was very scary to watch.

Success #5: Bryan's snowy battlefield for the Dogs of War scenario was admired greatly by all and the game was fun to play. The rules are speedy and reasonably realistic and your palms get all sweaty.

Failure #2: If you jump around the corner, and spray down the Russki commando with your trusty AK-47 .... don't miss. 5 d10 for a 6 or below and I roll 9,9,8,9,9. Game over.

In sum, much fun was had by all....