Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Pile o' Treasure

What this really proves is that you really MUST go through your stash every once in a while. While going through mine (shrunken considerably by the move to San Diego and back), looking for something else entirely I found, and I must woot!, 8 blister packs of original Off The Wall Armies figures. Four packs are OTW BunRabs. 3 packs are Highland Badgers, including one pack of the Heavy Cavalry Lancers, which with the one figure that Steve Jackson Games had in stock gives me figures for two more stands of riders for the Badgers.... Plus there's a 3 pack of the Heavy Cav Officers I've been using for riders (I must have had a total of 3 packs of that figure).

However, the OTW BunRabs do not look at all like the BunRabs I have, so now I have no idea who made the ones I have painted, but maybe they CAN be found somewhere. I know the OTW BunRabs are long gone.

At the bottom of the picture is one (alas, just one) blister pack of the "Frateri Diversi Romuli Remique" which, if I get the Latin is (I guess, more or less) "The Changeling Brotherhood of Romulus and Remus", three footmen with spear. But at least now I know what to search for. ;o) IIRC, they were a werewolf Roman analogue, the figure looks like it might be intended to be Auxilia, but spear?!?.

Heh. I just had a thought. I could put two lancer figures and an officer each on two stands and call them Knights. More beef for the Badgers!


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