Wednesday, August 29, 2007


No matter what the manager says, the Mariner's home series with the Angels is THE critical series of the season. Not winning this series means no chance at winning the division. Zip, none, nada. That is what this series always meant.

Not winning the division means the only playoff chance is the wildcard and they are still in the running for that. BUT, it will probably mean playing the BoSox and getting creamed by their pitching in the first round.

Thank you Jeff, they gave you a 5 run lead and you GAVE IT BACK! Take the 8M next year and use it to resign Jose Guillen.... Trade Weaver for anything you can get, if you can get anything. He may be great on a good day, but he's entirely unreliable and doesn't have enough good days. Let somebody else gamble on him.


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