Monday, July 30, 2007

58 - 46, 3 back

Newcomer Miguel Batista handcuffs the A's while the bats scrape up two runs. Ibanez robs Guerrero of a couple RBI's with an OhMIGOD he got to it catch. JJ strikes out Bad Vlad with a high fast one, then gets two more flyouts on three pitches... Yep, they're better than last year. Are they good enough????


UPDATE: Jeff Weaver.

Please bring back Cha Seung Baek. And, thankfully, it's only one year at 8M. Just write it off as a bad expense.


UPDATE II: King Felix

Not often you can score three on JJ. It took to the 12th inning to get one back... Good enough? Maybe.

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Jennifer said...

Have you dropped off the face of the Earth?