Friday, July 20, 2007

It can't be said better II....

"Rather than offer to brief the congressional oversight committees on this critical issue (Pentagon planning for withdrawal, or if none, why none), Under Secretary Edelman – writing on your behalf – instead claims that congressional oversight emboldens our enemies. Under Secretary Edelman has his priorities backward. Open and honest debate and congressional oversight strengthens our nation and supports our military. His suggestion to the contrary is outrageous and dangerous." (My bold)

Senator Hillary Clinton, 07/20/07
To Secretary of Defense Gates

Note that all Senator Clinton requested was that the appropriate oversight committees in Congress be briefed on what plans the Pentagon had made for any troop withdrawals, and if none had been made, brief them on the reasons for such a policy decision. She's not asking that the plans be implemented, she's not asking for a public discussion, she's not even demanding a commitment to withdrawal.

Instead she gets the Goebbelsian propaganda stance that anybody who questions is a traitor and aiding and abetting the enemy. Anybody still doubt there's a Big Lie here, too? They've been remarkably clumsy though. A healthy majority doesn't believe them anymore.


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