Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hordes of the Things

UPDATE: Something has gone very wrong with this post. Most of the image links are broken somehow. I will fix them this evening.... UPDATE II: Fixed


Phil Williams has built a set of HOTT armies (and I have my Highland Badgers and BunRabs) and we held a tournament at Enfilade. I forgot the camera and bought a couple of disposables to get pictures, but they didn't turn out so very great.

We went to a game day at the Game Matrix in Tacoma (plug) last weekend and I took the new camera and tried to get some better photos. I got some better photos. I got some bad photos. It turns out that lighting is very important, and that bad lighting makes autofocus a little problematic. Herewith are the best of the photos.
Top, the Undead Stronghold.
Above, The Evil Stronghold with the Evil army defending....
Below, the Elvish Army and Stronghold.

A HOTT tournament wouldn't be complete without a Goblin Horde....
The BunRab Hero backed by a line of Blades....