Saturday, July 14, 2007

Detroit 1, Seattle 6 after 6, Update D4, S6 final

Why wasn't Kenji Johjima in the All-Star game???? He puts the eighth pitch of the at bat in the stands for a grand slam against an veteran All-Star pitcher, he's hitting .288 with an OPS (Offensive Production Statistic, hits plus extra bases plus walks per at bat) of .782. He plays every day, if there's a stat for passed balls, he's near the top, he has a good arm and never makes a mistake. Ooops. He just let one by in the seventh. Anyway, who's having a better year? This is why I won't vote in the All Star balloting....


Update: JJ Putz gets a four out save on four batters for his 26th straight save this season. No, Mr. Leyland, you did not shake his confidence when you lifted him with two outs and men on in the All-Star game.... Nice try.


David said...

Yup. My parents and I were at the game last night and it ROCKED! We had a Tigers fan behind us who was trash-talking (not terribly, but in a good natured I'm a visiting fan kind of way). However, he got REAL quiet after Jo-Jo crushed that one.

I think that we should know if we are going to the post-season by 8/1 based on the current schedule.

kimalanus said...

That is sooo unfair. We don't even get Fox/Fox Sports in HD over here, even though they send it out that way....

I keep meaning to bitch at the cable provider about that, but DirecTV doesn't have 'em in HD either.

I've been trying to figure a way to see a game this year, but it kinda would have to be a day trip, which means a day game, which means Sunday, which means BoSox or ChiSox in August, and I wanted to see a division game. Life is just unfair. If we are still in the playoff hunt, maybe a vacation day on a Thursday in September. Have to look at the schedule.