Friday, July 13, 2007


This pathetic piece of fear-mongering is so deep in the internet that the politically inattentive are passing it around. The argument they make is so stupid I spent an hour after bedtime to respond to it and then couldn't sleep for another hour 'cause I was so charged up. I promised in the response to put up a post to entertain counter-argument here. Please, read them both, this needs to be discussed, the only answer to disinformation is information. Click on the comments link at the bottom of the post to reply and I promise I will post your comments no matter what you have to say. I reserve the right to remove bad language (the only reason I moderate comments), but will not otherwise edit them.



David said...


I would love to discuss this issue, but I don't know what the issue you are talking about is. The links that you posted require a password.

kimalanus said...

Ooops. They were both posts on Greenwood Gab. I didn't think. I'll create a new post with the entire dialogue. I'm quaking in my boots now.....