Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vacation is over/news is good

After being off line for six days, I came home to find that 1) the Mariners are solidly in second and moving up on the Angels and 2) a majority of American voters favor impeachment (Impeachment numbers) of Dick Cheney and George Bush. A majority of all Americans favor impeaching Darth Cheney.

I spent a good deal of the holiday thinking about how to put a little militance into my anti-war convictions. This included some meditation on the venerable peace symbol. Regardless of what its mystical origins might be, it remains for me and a lot of my generation a simple expression of the notion that violence begets violence and only peaceful solutions last. So I think I might let it sprout all over everything I own again....

After driving past the old guys with flags (VFW?) peace demonstration on Saturday at fair, I started waving the old two-fingered peace sign around. I guess biking to work isn't the only reason I'm feeling 10 years younger.....


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