Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pwning Rome:Total War

Having beaten the long game several times with every Roman faction and all of the civilized factions and even the Gauls, I decided to try to conquer the entire map rather than just the 50 required provinces. This means taking everything and then taking Rome last. After the first 50 provinces, it gets progressively harder, because it's tough to finance the armies and garrisons that are needed, and various points in the hinterlands are always revolting. The Germanic tribes are a particular problem. I finally found Hibernia and the hidden Amazon city about a month ago for the last unconquered territory and it took about ten years of game time to get an army there.

"The tighter you squeeze your hand, the more star systems will slip through your fingers." I've spent the last month crushing rebellions and improving infrastructure (civilizing the tribes) until FINALLLY! I had everybody in control and could take Rome. Of course, if I miss taking Rome, about 4 provinces are going to revolt next turn.

Note the uninterrupted Seleucid grey in the inset overall map. So, over the wall with my best infantry to take the gates, taking horrendous casualties (Roman infantry is the bestest), then through the gates with the Cataphract Elephants and the Cataphract Cavalry. Nothing survives against the Cataphracts.... Nothing. They are ungodly expensive, but oh, can they dish it out.

Teh win!!!

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