Friday, June 1, 2007


Ok, so I was taking pictures of my 10mm ACW in progress last night and the camera was wonky and I just got the one picture posted yesterday as Latest Miniatures off of it. It says the batteries are dead but they were new and I checked them and they are indeed fully powered, so apparently only a trickle of power makes it into the camera. I tried cleaning the contacts but it didn't work, so, Father's Day is near, Jen and I have talked about a new camera for over a year 'cause the 6 year old, at one time top of the line, HP camera just doesn't do so well anymore, so I bought a new camera (as I said to my old boss Jamie) because I can.... It's a Canon Powershot S3IS, with boatloads of features and 12x optical zoom lens. Only (!) 6 megapixels, but it will also do 640x480 video at 30 frames per second, which would probably eat up the 2 GB SD card in minutes....

First result, the newest brigade on the block, my completed and based 10mm Union ACW!

It will be a busy weekend. If anybody remembers the annoying photo Jen posted of the back yard where she wants to put more raised beds, I can finally haul the rubbish out and start cutting down the weeds so I can hit the area with persistent veg killer and get it back down to the gravel fill. It turned into a nightmare last year 'cause I was recovering from shoulder surgery and just couldn't keep it down. Anyway, I can actually work for more than 10 minutes at a time now and this weekend is step one in getting it under control. I haven't been able to get to it this year yet because too many weekends I was out of town or at GWP work parties. The one or two weekends I've had to work on it were spent getting the front yard back in shape.... That's the other thing for this weekend, once the rubbish is hauled off, it's off for a yard of beauty bark to make the flower beds look civilized.

Evenings I hope to do a little photo scanning and editing and post some better pictures from Enfilade. Jen has us scheduled to all go to see Pirates of the Caribbean at the new multiplex in Pasco tomorrow. Where does it all fit? Dunno, just have to keep after it.


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