Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More Miniatures

My cavalry came yesterday. They are Old Glory Grand Scale 10mm. I thought I would give them a look see for comparison with the 10 mm MiniFigs I have for the infantry. Can't say that I am too terribly happy with them. You can't really see with the naked eye that they have a mold registration problem in both of the dismounted cavalry figures shown here. And you can't really see the undercoated MiniFig infantry beside and behind them because they are dark on a dark background and the white pre-finish Old Glory's just jump out at you. But this close-up photo definitely shows the mold registration problem if you view it at full size. I love my new camera....
Generally, the Old Glory figures are a little huskier, have a bit exaggerated detail and are a smidge taller than the MiniFigs. Both lines have some animation, but you can't really do much at this scale. But the MiniFigs are cleaner and have more realistic physique. And they don't have the mold registration problem.... (mold registration - the two halves of the mold did not come together exactly right and the front half of the figure is a bit off from the back half.) They may paint up nicely since the naked eye can't see the mold registration problem and the exaggerated detail should make them look more like soldiers when painted. The size difference shouldn't be too noticeable since they'll be mounted on different stands than the infantry. The only other thing I didn't care for is every single horse is running, so the improvised horse holder is going to look like he's bringing the horse's up to remount for a bugout.... That's what dismounted cavalry is supposed to do, I guess.


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