Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Last weekend's yard work list worked really well as self-motivation, so I have started a new list of geek tasks I've been neglecting. I have a whole bunch of stuff that I need/want to do. I have a study guide for Netware that includes a limited test copy of Netware 6 and I have an old server to put it on. I need to do the installation, set it up, manage the tree a bit and finish the study guide then take the test to get a new CNA cert. I've been putting it off for nigh on two years now....

I also have Mom's old PC, an Athlon 900 MHz with a gig of RAM and a nice graphics card I added to it. I want to set it up with an old joystick and a KVM switch to use my big-screen TV monitor and play some old flight games. If it feels right, I might buy a good USB joystick to hook up to my game machine and buy some better games. It has an extra 80 gig hard drive I could use for more storage, too.

The other major geek project is testing Linux desktop distributions on a surplus laptop that belongs to the school district. I put it together out of two dead ones.... So far, I've installed and successfully configured Freespire and Ubuntu. Ubuntu seems to be a bit more comfortable. At the ACPE convention, Edubuntu was highly recommended, so I have downloaded the ISO and burned a disk to install. I'm really very curious as to what the bundled "educational" software is. I can't really find a list. I also need to get the Netware server up and running and see how it (Edubuntu) works with E-directory.... Since the district uses a mixed environment, we don't get Microsoft bribes/subsidies/donations, so free is a nice price for an OS and office suite. I also picked up copies of SUSE desktop and SLES at ACPE, so I have more stuff to fiddle with.

Wonder when I'll find time to paint more miniatures? Me, too. And there's even more yard work to do.

Life is full....


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