Saturday, June 16, 2007


If you read the Enfilade posts below, you know that I was cameraless and bought a couple of disposable 35mm cameras to use. Then I scanned the photos. When you look at the images full screen then zoom in, the picture pixellates quickly. I got to wondering if you increased the resolution of the scan if you would get better results.
I scanned another photo at 2400 dpi (the scanner will do up to 9600 dpi interpolated, I think 1200 dpi is the native resolution) and the editor crashed. Kimberlyn had complained about her PC being slow, so I looked it over and realized that it had been unprotected for spyware since the MS AntiSpyware Beta on it expired last June. I downloaded SpyBot, started a scan and found SpyAxe, a Smitfraud variant that at least one Spokane vendor has been prosecuted and jailed for using. There are straightforward removal tools for it, but getting it all done is very time consuming, so Kimberlyn whined all evening yesterday 'cause I was running spyware scans in safe mode on all profiles.
Anyway, it's all done this morning, and the editor works now, though slowly, because the PC only has 512MB of RAM and the bitmap scan is 360 MB (leaving 152 for the OS, which wants 177 on a clean install). The original scan file is a 36MB (!) jpeg, the cropped and optimized jpeg is still 16MB but the limitation now is you lose focus before the image pixellates badly. If you are on a dial up, don't even look at it, it'll take 20 minutes to download.... I'll try 1200 dpi and see what happens.


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