Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mini Faire

Today was the Ye Merrie Greenwood Players "can't get enough" day. Marjorie set up a one day performance in Howard Amon Park for today, 'cause so many of the company junkies just aren't getting enough performance time to keep them happy, now that most of the GWP friendly venues have closed. Photo below (click on the picture to enlarge it to full screen, back key to return)...

I think today proves three things.

First, just hanging around doing Greenwood, we can collect and hold a sizeable audience. (No, really.)

Two, much fun can be had by all.

And three, I love my new camera... Here's a picture of Rick Roddy.


1 comment:

Silvia Callisto said...

Rick Roddy indeed...*snicker*

- You know who I am