Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lying liars.

You all knew I'd rant someday. Might as well be about something important.

The President’s legal counsel replies to the Judiciary Committee subpoenas today: “The President’s assertion of Executive Privilege is not designed to shield the information in a particular situation, but to help protect the ability of Presidents to ensure that decisions reflect and benefit from the exchange of informed and diverse viewpoints and open and frank deliberations.”

Except that in this case, the decisions may very well reflect informed and diverse viewpoints that were corrupt. If the US Attorneys in question were randomly selected that would be perfectly ok, since they are employed at the pleasure of the President. If, however, they were selected as retribution for failure to prosecute Republican vendettas unsupported by evidence or for prosecuting Republican corruption that would be quite another thing. The evidence and testimony to date indicates that this is the case. Many of the fired attorneys were involved in just such actions. Alternate explanations have been unsupported by external evidence. If the US Attorneys in question were fired for these reasons, it goes beyond a political decision and becomes a corrupt political decision.

NOTHING the President’s office has offered demonstrates that this is not the case. If it is untrue, what prevents Karl Rove or other involved parties from either testifying under oath that it is not true, or testifying with a transcript that it is not true. A simple statement under oath would put a stop to the investigation. Or it might lead to prosecution for perjury if provably false. Aye, there’s the rub…

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