Thursday, May 31, 2007


So, last weekend was Enfilade, which is pretty generally the highlight of my year from the point of view of my historical miniatures hobby. This year, Phil Williams and I (mostly Phil) presented a Hordes of the Things tournament and I played in a couple of Napoleonic games using different rules. I forgot the camera, so I went an bought a couple of the little throw away 35 mm cameras and took a lot of pictures of our tournament and some pictures of other things....

I scanned a few real quick, since the scanner is hooked to Kimberlyn's computer and she gets annoyed when I throw her off. I kind of enjoy annoying her (it's a daddy perk), but I also have sympathy since her online activities are the bulk of her personal entertainment (TV? what's that, she says) and her chores were done. So, anyway, here's the scan of the first few photos. Hopefully I can get more up this weekend.

Upper left is Phil with the really well done base camps he created for the HOTT tourney. Upper Right is the painting competition. Lower left is the Best of Show Space: 1889 table. Lower right is Herby's Elvish army getting ready to ruin Phil's day with the Undead army for the first time. By the end of the day, he really hated that river....

More to follow.


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Anonymous said...

I have learned a little about you I did not know before. You are a well rounded, wonderful, person. Happy to know you in another light.