Friday, August 10, 2007

It can't be said better--V

Trickle down economics and middle class Republicans -- "They've waited, patiently, while their pensions and protection were stripped. They stood in position to catch a trickling drab of promised prosperity, as their healthcare premiums were hiked, benefits reduced, or coverage eliminated altogether. Some waited right into their modest, middle-class graves believing to the last breath they would share in the wealth, as CEO wages skyrockected. Nary a month passed when the faithful were assured that one more round of tax giveaways, one last gravy-train load of corporate welfare, and just one, final hundred-billion dollar loan cosigned in absentia by their unborn children, would reap the promised reward. Mega-zillionaires surely laughed at us rubes all the way to the offshore bank even as their contemptous trust-fund brats giggled gleefully through luxury rehab or the sweetheart suspended sentence. Could it be time to try instead a proven percolate up approach instead of the same old trickle-down scam?" Darksyde at Daily Kos

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