Monday, August 20, 2007

I lost my schadenfreude.

The Mariners jumped all over a pitcher that held them down last week chasing the Twins' Matt Garza in the third with three two-run homers and a solo shot (Ibanez' second home run of the game). So with a win, what happens with the Yankees (a half game back in the Wild Card) and the Angels (2 games in front in the AL West) really matters. And they play each other. Nothing bad can happen. So that game is on ESPN 2, so I tune in. The A's are up at home, 1-3 after two and OK, I love to see the Yankees lose, so I hang around while I fold the laundry. And the Yankees scrape a run in the fourth, then A-Rod lasers his 40th home run for 2 more tallies and that's OK, 'cause nothing bad can happen. If the Yankees win, we stay a 1/2 game in front on the Wild Card and gain a game on the A's to be just one back? Yeah, I'd rather win the division. Then in the bottom of the seventh, the A's just spank the reliever for 3 runs to take the lead and I lost my schadenfreude. Posada hits a two run homer to tie it in the eighth, and I AM CHEERING FOR THE YANKEES! That's just wrong. And I mean by that, it's not just kinda wrong, it is I AM CHEERING FOR THE YANKEES WRONG! And unless the Mariners lose tomorrow, I will still be cheering for the Yankees tomorrow. That is just so wrong! But I can't help it.


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