Sunday, August 26, 2007

Gettin' it done....

The family spent the weekend at Mom's cabin on Lake Coeur d' Alene and I added to the Pile o' Blocks....

I'm still not entirely happy with it. The wall with the paving stones on top makes a seat for tall people, but too tall for short people. I used all the bricks I had with me, so I'll take another one up sometime and put a second brick on the singleton at the top of the steps to make a seat for shorter people.
The other major modification would be to lift the steps, pour concrete, then set the pavers in the concrete so you don't have to keep pouring sand on them. The sand holding the pavers doesn't work on the steps very well, because it just washes away. If you enlarge the photo (just click on it) you can see the top step is uneven and the sand just washes out from between the pavers on the lower steps. Concreting them in will be for next spring though.

The Mariners ended up with a split with the cellar dwelling Rangers after the loss again today (Sunday). That is NOT getting it done. They stay two games back of the Angel's, and are only a game and a half up on the Yankees for the wild card. If they don't win the homestand against the Angels this week, they are no better than tied for the wild card and buried out of the running for the division, since they have an away series with the Yankees coming up, and three games in Oakland and four games in (Not) Los Angeles to close out travel for the season. By that time, three games at home with the Rangers probably won't matter unless they win some away series'.


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