Sunday, October 7, 2007


One televised General Conference session and two and half football games later:

I decided to finally finish my Norman DBA army I won for a second place finish at a PHMGS event in Los Angeles and I wanted to get a really full brigade stand for the 10mm ACW army. I'm really very happy with the way the brigade firing line turned out. Here's a sky shot so you can see the layout:
The front rank is firing, the second rank is loading and the rear rank is a standard bearer and an officer. The Norman's are a stand of blades (dismounted retainers with the colored shields), the other stand is spears (shield and spear, no armor). All stands still need to be dressed, but that's for later.

War Eagles should be playtesting the Stones River scenario next Saturday if Gary oks the plan. I'll need to type up the OB and create a cheat sheet next week to be ready. And a trip to the office supply store for labels to put on the stands....


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