Sunday, October 21, 2007


Remember all those ACW 10mm figures I painted up? I put them in the truck for show and tell, but all I can figure is I must have left the box on TOP of the truck and they fell off somewhere. They are gone. I can't find them anywhere, including backtracking and checking the gutters.... Four brigades, a gun battery and a general. Gone.

Oh well, it's just the time involved, I have lots more to paint up. But I switched to painting my new Badgers when I got over it.

Two stands of Knights and two stands of Blades.... Beware of MoBadgers. ;o) BTW, the tartans are: Hunting Stewart on the Blades, Royal Stewart on the mounted right and Campbell on the left. Campbell is also known as "Black Watch" and has it's own theme song, "The Campbells are Coming". Bwahahahahahah!

I have been researching the Battle of Stones River for a new ACW scenario for my Eyes Have Seen the Glory rules. War Eagles playtested it last Saturday, and the basics all work pretty well. Need to tweak a few things in the OOB and setup but it should be shipshape for Tactical Simulations Gaming in two weeks.


UPDATE: I have figured out what my problem on focusing on closeups was. I was putting the camera TOO CLOSE. You know, if you zoom in on the badger cavalry, it's amazing how much they look like Big Bird.... ;o)


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