Thursday, April 21, 2011

I just don't get it....

More things that I cannot understand what passes for logic in the minds of their advocates: What conceivable benefit can charter schools and vouchers have on the public good of education for all?

Regardless of the individual merits of any particular charter school, the promotion of charter schools collectively is key to the ... strategy for destroying public education, because voucher-funded charter schools will siphon money and the best students from public schools.

That, in turn, will degrade public schools, at which point advocates for charter schools and privatization will point to public schools and say, "look! Public schools are a failed experiment. We need more vouchers, more charter schools!"

I have elided the imputed conspiracy from the statement because I don't think it's really meaningful to the discussion.

It should be axiomatic that you don't solve a school's problems by shipping its best and brightest students somewhere else. Leadership in schools isn't just from the teachers. Start the reform discussion there, not in seeking to set up new ways to institutionalize discrimination.

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