Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some notes from Enfilade 2008

Much Fun Was Had By All

Never Give A Fifteen Year Old A Tank and a machine gun unless mayhem and destruction are a goal.... The teenager in question was Kimberlyn. Because she has an upcoming unit on the Russian Revolution, the battle below between White and Red Russians (and some uncommitted units that committed at an uncomfortable moment) in the Russian Civil War was a natural. I got her started and wandered off. When I came back, her tank, MG and rifle company had annihilated two rifle companies, a mounted company and a MG. The MG and the remainder of the rifles (she did take casualties) were holding the right flank, while the tank (below) had wandered off to the center of the battle field (the right flank is directly below the tank off picture) where it was still killing Commies.

Never Leave an Entire Flank of the Stronghold Undefended at Deployment. Note the two heroes and rider supports approaching the undefended flank at full speed. It went badly....

These existing light pictures looked much better on the little monitor.... Had a little tripod and a timer and everything. Obviously I have more to learn....

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