Friday, May 16, 2008

It can't be said better -- XVII

"They're trying to fool you, trying to scare you, and they're not telling you the truth because they can't win a foreign policy debate on the merits"

Barack Obama


Ab_Normal said...

I can't find a good link to the Malcolm X "... you've been bamboozled... " speech. One the one hand, I like the strong statement; on the other, I dread the wingnut reaction... on the gripping hand, bleep the wingnuts. :D

kimalanus said...

I saw an interview last night with Obama and Michelle. The interviewer asked how they felt about the internet ad about her "For the first time I'm proud of America" comment. Barak said "Lay off my wife" in that redneck tone of voice that says "You.Are.Walking.On.Scary.Ground." Wonder how many rednecks will get it.

Ab_Normal said...

Let's hope. OK, you hope, I seem to be out.