Sunday, February 10, 2008


Well, we caucused at Kennewick High School yesterday. I made Jennifer go along to cancel my indifference, since Edwards is out. Of the eleven people caucusing, it started with 6 for Obama, 4 for Clinton and Kucinich die hard. The Kucinich die hard was persuaded to the Obama camp and the delegates broke 3 for Obama and 1 for Clinton. I was elected one of the Obama delegates and the Clintonistas are sending Jennifer (she says "How'd that happen?"), so now we will go to the legislative district caucus and cancel each other again! Edwards for somebody's vice president!

Kimberlyn went along as ground guide, she has written her on post on the subject on her blog.


Ab_Normal said...

At our caucus the delegate distribution started at 6 Clinton, 4 Obama with 4 undecided (including myself and Mr E) and ended up with 5 Clinton, 5 Obama, 0 undecided (we both went Obama). Mr. E is an Obama delegate.

During the horse-trading session, some of the Clinton supporters hurt their cause with their arguments and general style. I am not going to generalize to all Clinton supporters, though...

Jennifer said...

Yes, well, now he's figured out that he's in surgery the day before the Leg. Dist. Caucus, and he still thinks he's going to go! He's getting his gall bladder removed for cryin' out loud!