Friday, February 22, 2008

And another one gone....

Radcon has come and gone yet again, and much fun was had by all. HOTT GotS went well, and looked good, but I only took one photo as I was having too much fun and forgot:

During a lull, Rick Ingram and I took out a couple of biplanes and Rick's Richthofen shot the ... out of my Rickenbacker, reversing history.

My big event was Stones River and I took a panorama of the table at setup:

Lots of experienced gamers involved, Phil and Terry gave poor McCook to Joe who had helped playtest at War Eagles and Bryan, (a new guy) and Terry's buddy Kayle had the Confederates.

McCook got buried in the first turns by a flood of gray, unhampered this time by bad command die rolls.

Terry tried something I've thought should have been tried before and continued Crittendon's assault across the river and was in a fair way to annihilating Breckenridge when the Recrimination phase ensued (we ran out of time). But with McCook annihilated without extracting much in the way of casualties from Hardee, I have to wonder how well Thomas (in a much more open field than Chickamauga) could have stood against Hardee AND Polk with no help available but the Union Cavalry....

We had a lot of newbs for the HOTT Tournament, so it was more like open gaming than tournament, but Hunter looks like a likely recruit for starting an army of his own, and another player whose name I don't remember signed up on the HOTT list and is looking for a copy of the rule book.... Good signs. I have posted many pictures of the armies before and the only new one available was Andrew's insect army which still has not seen the elephant, so I didn't go find the camera for the event.

Laura asked me to take on Gaming Chair for next year, apparently for lack of stupidity on the part of other available parties, so I have an official position on the concom again. I foresee hate and discontent, and then another successful con....


Anonymous said...

My congratulations, and condolances, on your new position.

Just so we're on the same page, no I am not in competition with myself and therefore, no, I don't have any compelling need to "top" what I did at RadCon this year.


Ab_Normal said...

congratudolences? :D

kimalanus said...

Morituri te salutamus