Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It Can't Be Said Better -XVII

I haven't been looking in on Slacktivist regularly. His chief claim to fame is for deconstructing the absurd theology of the Left Behind novels, which bores me. However, he also often examines other aspects of what a Christian daily life really means if you have actually read and studied the Bible on an powerful academic level (as opposed to reading it with an axe to grind). And then, sometimes he just explains the real world.

If your company is large enough that that guy has a boss -- your boss's boss's boss's boss -- then not only does he not know what you do or how it's done, but he cannot see any difference between its being done well and its being done poorly.

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Ab_Normal said...

I loves me some slacktivist, especially the "Left Behind" deconstruction, probably because I tried reading the series. (Epic Fail before the end of book one.)

kimalanus said...

It seems to be like reading the book, only more didactic. Sadly, it never
made my reading list in the first place....