Sunday, January 6, 2008

God in politics

DHinMI at DailyKos had a decent summary of the Democratic party debate last night in New Hampshire and a short paragraph about the Republican debate which says more about his/her preconceptions about Republicans than the actual vapidity of their policy statements. The meat of the paragraph is this:

The Republicans presented a bunch of bickering, mean-spirited and short-sighted candidates, only one of whom faced hard realities (but offered isolationism and a return to the gold standard as the panaceas), and only one of whom came across as warm and optimistic (and he distrusts science and thinks God talks directly to him, which we've already seen in the last 8 years doesn't turn out that well).
I have heard a lot of people on liberal sites make the assumption of that last parenthetical expression, that talking to God removes rationality from the discussion and I need to take exception to that.

God can and will speak to us all. But he speaks in a still, small voice not with the sound of trumpets. It is easy to miss it in the noise of every day life. And it is altogether too easy to mistake ego for that still, small voice. It is especially easy if you take the shortcut of listening for the still, small voice before bothering to study the information available. That's what is wrong in the White House, not that he listens to God, but by not listening to everyone, he can't hear what God is truly saying. That takes humility whose opposite is hubris. Beware of hubris and know the limits of your own knowledge, especially when listening for the still, small voice.


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