Tuesday, November 6, 2007

HOTT at Tactical Solutions Gaming

We only had four players for the HOTT tourney. It was, after all, an historical gaming event.... I finished 1 win and 2 losses. The new Badger knights died ingloriously in both battles they fought. The Badger hero won a desperate final assault on the Undead Aerial Hero for my one win.

Somebody on the HOTT list asked for more details on Phil's mounted Elves, so I took some closeups and got some info. The figures are Grenadier, sculpted by ??? Naismith, who has been around sculpting minis for ages.

Below, Elven Heroes, one mounted, one not. There is a dismounted sword waver behind the mounted guy, hence the apparently two bladed sword.

Here are the two stands of Elven Riders.

This is a closeup of the Mounted Elven Hero. You can zoom in quite a ways before the picture pixellates, if you really want to....

The photo of all the mounted elves at the top includes the Elven Stronghold, a custom bit Phil did starting from an aquarium piece. Impressive, no?

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