Monday, September 12, 2011

La Bataille de la Moscowa, 10:00 AM

We have moved along to the 10:00 AM turn.

The story thus far:

The start, through 7:00 AM
Through 8:00 AM
Through 9:00 AM

Little of substance has changed since the 9:00 hour began. The Converged Grenadier Division is now nearly completely destroyed rather than two thirds destroyed, Eugene's assault on the salient to the right of the Great Redoubt has stalled in a massive firefight, Davout is now chewing up the division in the scrub brush that moved to extend the Converged Grenadiers flank.

Oh, you want it in pictures....

The situation for the Russian left wing is dismal. The French cavalry have taken and consolidated the fleche area, all but destroying the Converged Grenadiers.

(I could not get this photo to focus properly. The last remaining counter with the last two strength points of the Converged Grenadier Division is that blur in the middle.)

In a more general view of the situation, the French cavalry reserve owns the fleches. The 27th division is flanked and under fire from horse artillery hence in serious trouble, with only artillery support from behind them. Friant and Desaix continue to chew up the left end of the Russian line, taking a few casualties, but destroying a regiment or two of Russians a turn. The end is inevitable, and Davout's III Corps will still be a fighting unit at the end of it. This is bad news for Russia.

For the Russian artillery on the ridge behind Semenovska, it is a question of whether the infantry supports can reach them in time or Murat and the cavalry can overrun the remains of the 27th Division and get at them first.

On the Russian right, Platov and the Cossacks have crossed the Moscowa to give Eugene food for thought. The Russian 7th Division has also crossed to support them. Eugene has moved a third division (there are two assaulting the salient, I think) up to work another assault across the river, but those pesky Cossacks have forced the left end of it into square, making an admirable target for the artillery across the river.

And the Russian 12th Division has mounted a counterattack on Eugene, with some success, ejecting the rightmost regiment. It remains to be seen if this is a strategic error, depriving the center of needed infantry, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to envelop that flank.

I will add a casualty report when I get the data.

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