Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It Can't be said better - Truth in Labeling - will have political content

I must say that I enjoy a good piece of snark and the main reason I read Balloon Juice regularly is because when the deal the snark, it really peels paint....

And all over one can hear the sons of the Confederacy recite their talking points that the Civil War was not about slavery. They insist that the system of human bondage was a side issue. And as I look at the record of the Republican Confederate Party in recent times and the history of the Confederate Party regardless of its political host over the last 150 years—I am ready to admit that there is a bit of truth to their POV.

The Confederacy really wasn’t about slavery. That was just a tactic. The real issue was finding the best way to steal the labor of others.

Confederate History Month: Stolen Labor by Dennis G. at Balloon Juice

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