Sunday, October 18, 2009

New work

In the couple of weeks after Game Day and Before Tactical Solutions Gaming, I finished up the All-Aerial Hordes of the Things Army. The army list is 2 Aerial Heroes (6 AP each), 5 stands of fliers (2 AP Each) and and 2 stands of Lurkers (1 AP each). Alternately, the army can be fielded as 1 Aerial Hero (6 AP) and 1 Magician (4 AP), 5 stands of fliers (2 AP) and 2 stands of Beasts (2 AP). You could also make it just the two aerial heroes and 6 stands of fliers, since everybody but the AH's has wings... The second configuration would give a little better bad going options.

The Full Army.

The alternate Beasts or Lurkers, there are two stands of these.

The command stand with a leftover medieval oriflamme, Duc of Orleans, IIRC. I used it because it has a swan (wings, y'know) on it....

The Female Aerial Hero, or alternately a Magician. The figure is from the Anima Tactics figures, painted per the drawing supplied with the figure.

The Male Aerial Hero, again from Anima Tactics, painted per the drawing supplied with the figure, because I lack imagination.... ;o)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tactical Solutions Gaming 2009

I've been painting and basing some miscellaneous new stuff, of which I have not yet taken photos to share over the last few weeks, getting ready for Tactical Solutions Gaming 2009 which happened October 9, 10 and 11 in Spokane. I loaded up some new music on my MP3 player for the trip and when I set off, the MP3 player randomly queued up Beethoven's Ode to Joy.... Auspicious, no?

I had a boatload of fun playing and presenting games and spent a lot of time photo documenting the event. Herewith, some favorite photos:

Mark Rounds awaits the first gamer of the day....

An example of Mike Clinton's new Caproni 3 engine bombers for Watch Your 6.

The gaggle of Caproni's thunder overhead under assault by German fighters.

Tank columns from the big multiplayer Flames of War on Sunday.

A failed assault from the Flames of War Tournament. First the tanks got popped, then the follow up infantry assault got equally massacred.... I suppose you had to be there to see it unfold. Gruesomely.

Zulu Hordes vs. Victorian British in Hordes of the Things. This is the second wave of Zulus. After killing at least the every stand in the Zulu army at least once and watching the new hordes forming up to come across the table yet a third time, the British commander withdrew in disgust.

I don't think I had any fun this weekend. I don't think.... ;o)