Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It can't be said better - XXI

Health care reform doesn't have to be complicated....

There are well working systems in the world for about half of what we pay now. Copy one.

Voter at Talking Points Memo, comment 9/16/09, 5:51 PM


Anonymous said...

So very true, yet my government wants to change my system to match yours?
Why? because then they can blame everyone else for anything that doesn't work/perform.

Good luck.

kimalanus said...

You seem to have kinda missed the whole point of reform. WE have the MOST expensive system with the WORST outcomes among every (not just most) developed nation in the world. It is pretty certain we are doing it wrong, but making any kind of change is being made enormously complicated by the financial interests invested in the current failing system. Identifying a SOLUTION to the problem of high costs and poor outcomes isn't difficult. Adopt ANY other system in use but ours.