Sunday, April 20, 2008

Volley and Bayonet - Auerstadt

Not a very historical result....

The initial setup:

Blucher and the AvantGarde, supported by the Right Wing make a combined arms assault on Gudin's brigade to the right of Hassenhausen instead of the historical all cavalry assault on Morand's division arriving to the right of the village.

I watched this come and thought that the brigade in the open might should turn to face the assault, but thought that would leave the other flank open. I later discovered that the adjacent unit to the left in the village would make that a "protected flank" by definition and thus not subject to the unfavorable flank modifiers. Didn't do it, got clobbered and then it just kept getting worse and worse.... Gudin got hustled out of Hassenhausen by the AvantGarde and suffered Division Exhaustion in the process. The Right Wing occupied the village.

Meanwhile, the AvantGarde, hardly damaged by the poor defense of Hassenhausen scattered Friant's division approaching to reinforce. Without Bernadotte, the situation is irretrievable for Davout....

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