Sunday, December 2, 2007


Winter in the Tri-Cities usually starts after Thanksgiving, and it was in the mid-30's all last week, day or night.... Cloud cover all week with only occasional views of the sun, but I'm waiting for the inversion to break and then it will get cold. ;o)

It's a wetter year, we have had snow three times this week. It snowed a bit the first time last Sunday night and I woke up to this:

It did that again on Thursday, but Saturday we had real snow:

So Jennifer didn't want to drive to Richland for a GWP Christmas Caroling so I agreed to drive her and Kimber over there. Of course, when it was actually time to drive an hour and a half later, it looked like this:

Tough driving.... ;o) It wasn't an accident that all the Indian tribes wintered around here.


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