Sunday, December 27, 2009

Retitled due to comment spam

UPDATE: For some reason this post has become a magnet for comment spam. I've had to reject a comment just about every week since February...

The family had a pretty good Christmas, Grandma Joan came down to stay for the holiday, the tree was thoroughly looted by all and everybody got stuff that the wanted. Or needed. The following fits in both categories:

Ideal for the hobbyist toy soldier painter, this is on wheels so it can be moved, has lots of short drawers and the top two have eighteen compartment dividers. Plus the fold outs can be used to add workspace. I found it at Fred Meyer while killing time when Jen was singing Christmas carols with the Greenwood Players. Had to have it.

Speaking of had to have it, I found this at the same time. It's a little on the small size for 25mm, but it should convert nicely to a Space:1889 light screw galley. Add a Nordenfeldt and some crew and the propeller off a balsa and rubber band plane and we have air support at last....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It Can't Be Said Better - XXII

Jacob Hacker, godfather of the public option:
The public plan has been at the core of the health debate for a number of reasons: (1) it will significantly reduce costs; (2) it will provide broad, transparent coverage at an affordable price, setting a benchmark private insurers will be pressed to follow; (3) it won’t be in the business of denying or delaying needed care to people with costly conditions or shifting excessive costs onto them; and (4) it’s a vehicle for driving delivery and payment system reforms that private plans have proven unable and/or unwilling to do. Since we live in a democracy, it also seems relevant that (5) the public plan has been consistently popular with Americans (and doctors, according to a recent survey in the New England Journal of Medicine), despite the unrelenting false attacks on it.