Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GameQuest 2009

GameQuest 2009. An interesting venue, the Vancouver WA, USA Hilton convention center had a boatload of space and about 900 attendees. It's mostly board games and board games that include miniatures. My buddies and I got in a couple of games with the Anniversary Edition of Axis and Allies, but I put on a Wings of War scrum from 1:00 to 5:00 PM on Saturday and got 9 players including a husband and wife that brought their own planes.... There seems to have been a bit of grudge involved, but husband (flying Goring's white plane) drew the explosion card for his first damage card, then drew it again after a couple exchanges with a fresh plane. Not a good night to be the husband, I think. The tweener flew the last plane shot out of the sky, but a couple of the older guys flew off the field intact.

The wife gets caught by herself in a Series III Nieuport but husband's Goring get's blowed up and she wiggles for while but eventually succumbed to the firepower from the combined Richthofen's (Series I Albatross DIII and Series II Roland CII).

Father and son flew till shot down then went to play some other game, leaving seven players still in. Husband gave up on Goring and came back for a third try in one of my planes.... We started with two Goring's at either end of the table.

The rivers and roads are from WizardCraft out of Coeur d'Alene, ID US sold ready to play. The craters are from Stonehouse Miniatures out of Portland, resin castings that I painted and decorated. They are all basically intended for 15mm minis, but it makes a more interesting table than featureless felt.... ;o)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


So, the big pre-WWI naval campaign had it's first battle last night. All of South America plus some European Allies taking on the US over the barely averted crisis in Mexico at Vera Cruz in 1914. The Allied fleets were called to rendezvous at Caracas, Venezuela, so the Spanish and Germans (under my command) went there. The Germans went to tweak American noses and as the Spanish/Portuguese fleet went to relocate, American contacts were reported to the north. My threat estimate was a maximum of seven American dreadnaughts (to my three) so we sallied with light recon elements to locate the Americans and break east to the allied Brazilian and Argentinean fleets.

The Portugese made first contact, engaging an American cruiser line but finding a line of battleships behind it. Then another line of battleships appear to the west, spotted by the Spanish cruisers...... Eleven battleships, not seven, plus several large armored cruisers....

We make smoke and turn east. The Western American battleline sinks my cruisers one by one as the run for the destroyer screen, the Eastern American Battle line doubles back to break through the smoke screen and engage my dreadnaughts just clearing the harbor....

But when the Americans stick their nose through the smoke screen it gets bit off. First a torpedo run by the modern destroyers forces the Americans to break their line and a lucky torpedo hit damages Louisiana. As Kentucky clears the smoke, the Spanish dreadnaughts and the Caracas fort smash and sink it. The destroyers dashing between the American battleships are obliterated by heavy gunfire.

Louisiana and Missouri break West and the antique Spanish destroyers with their short range torpedoes break through their smoke screen for a perfect run on them. Both ships soak up multiple torpedoes and two of the Spanish destroyers escape unscathed....

Kentucky is sinking and Louisiana and Missouri were last seen limping northwest. Without the modern destroyers, the smoke screen to the north disappated and the heavies engaged. Wisconsin was battered out of the line, Maine was hammered by a combined salvo and the Spaniards appeared unfased to the Americans. After that unpleasantness, the Yankee battlelines combined and ducked behind their own smokescreens, but the only photos I have are out of focus. We left the table their on acount of 2:00 AM, so I'll take the tripod next time and get starting photos when action recommences.

Friday, March 6, 2009

It Can't Be Said Better

I have to say that I never really got Republican policy and have never understood how anyone with a lick of sense and/or a college education could fall for it, but the Republican nightmare just keeps getting worse and worse:

Let's just stipulate DC Republicans are simply not part of the discussion when it comes to repairing the US economy or arresting our slide into deep economic misery. And any reporters who aren't clear about this are just lying to their readers or viewers. The latest Republican plan, in the face of today's new spike in unemployment, is a freeze on federal spending. I'm not even sure it's fair to say that this is a replay of the disastrous decisions that magnified the Great Depression between 1929 and 1933. It's more a parody of it. When the crisis is a rapid and catastrophic drop off in demand, you handcuff the one force that can create demand (i.e., the federal government) in the throes of the contraction. That's insane. Levels of stimulus are a decent question. Intensifying the contraction is just insane and frankly a joke. It's time to recognize that the only debate here is happening among Democrats and sundry non-affiliated sane people. The leaders of the GOP are simply not part of the conversation.

--Josh Marshall